Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Transperformance - The Day After

Hey I really enjoyed listening to music just for the pleasure of listening to music today. I wasn't forcing myself to memorize lyrics or anything, I was just listening and day dreaming and walking. Transperformance is over.

It is pretty safe to say that yesterday's Transperformance in Look Park, Northampton, was the best one that I have ever been to. And I've been to a lot of them now.

The selection of artists was great and the performances were inspired. The audience was energetic and enthusiastic. The weather was perfect, except right near the end when it started to dip into the 40's.

The three highlights for me were The B52's, J Geils Band, and U2. I knew that Spouse performing as U2 would be excellent but they surpassed my expectations. I hadn't known that our very own Ken was performing as The Edge and I especially didn't know that he was magically going to look exactly like The Edge.

Back stage I learned that at the very last minute Spouse members found out that there was a wireless microphone available. It seemed so well choreographed and planned out when Jose (Bono) grabbed the mic and swaggered through the crowd. It was sublime.

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(thanks to Kristen Beam for these links. More to come and photos and videos of my own hopefully.)

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