Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh Wait! Oh Wait! Oh Wait! - Local on the Eights - 080808 - RECAP

080808, Oh Wait! Oh wait! Oh Wait!, Local on the Eights was a huge success! From eight o'clock until two o'clock, The Elevens Night club in Northampton, MA was transformed into a fantasy land where people play music and people listen to music and people dance and people help each other have a good night unselfishly. All eight acts were right-on, Lord Russ kept the show going with his between act stand-up and songs, there was very little down time, bands shared equipment and members, audience members cheered and shouted, there was even a short play about Carl Yastremski and an All-Start encore.

I hadn't appreciated how at home and friendly the Elevens felt until I stepped out into the real world at the end of the night and found a crowd of drunk angry people who had spilled over from the bar next door. There was the usual police presence, a fight broke out, people were yelling at each other. I turned right around and went back inside the warm embrace of the Elevens.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made Friday night such a pleasure.

You can see some pictures here: 080808 Flickr Set
Also Kristen Beam posted some pictures on her Masslive Soundcheck Page.

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