Saturday, February 25, 2006

celebrate George Day at the Basement tonight

Happy George Harrison's Birthday!

Come celebrate by watching the four-piece School for the Dead (sans touring Ken) play all night (10-1) at the Basement--Gothic St Northampton. We plan on playing the lion's share of SFTD songs, as well as a couple Tony songs from the Humbert days and a couple Sitting Next to Brian songs.
Maybe we'll get together a song for George too.
It's FREE!

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Rick said...

Fun show. I enjoyed it. It was nice getting out on the town and seeing some familiar faces even though I didn't get a chance to make actual eye contact or wave at some folks (debl, d.crommett, etc.) it was still nice breathing the same air and listening to the same great songs.

Speaking of great songs, that night I finally bought a copy of "Looks Like I'm Tall" and am enjoying it immensely. Held His Gaze is a sterling example of the craft. And the arrangements are both surprising and elegant. I am in love with all the nylon-stringed guitar that's on it, and very well-played it is, too. Super art & design as well. Nice job all around. Inspirational.

Three cheers: Yee. Yee. Yee.