Monday, June 07, 2004

There has been a change of plans. Juliana Hatfield's management has cancelled her slot tomorrow night at the Paradise Lounge. No, it will just be us at 9:30 and the montgomery's at 10:30. Will you be there? Have you told your friends in Boston to go?

Here is a description of the Montgomery's that I found online, it was written by Andrea Kremer of the Boston Pop Underground:

"The Montgomerys - For fans of XTC. Quirky pop with strong vox, interesting
lyrics and memorable, melodic basslines. Features the frontman from the
(also terrific) Irresponsibles (Pete Montgomery?), and the erstwhile Candy
Butchers drummer, Mike Levesque. I'd have bought a cd if they had one, but
they're still new. Get on this train before it leaves the station, folks."

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