Thursday, May 13, 2004

Hey! It's official. We will be playing a free outdoor show at The beautiful Pines Theater in Look Park on Saturday, May 22. That's only in a little over a week. It's Northampton Day at Look Park which means anyone from Northampton can get into the park for free, whether they have a parking sticker or not. Also, supposedly if you tell them at the gate that you are with School for the Dead, they will let you in free as well. That's what I'm told anyway. Sounds good to me.

The festivities start at noon and go to six. I don't yet know what time we are playing or who else is on the bill (I've heard the name Matt Hebert tossed around a little), but as soon as I do, I will obviously post it here.

I think it's gonna be a really nice fun time.

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