Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Broder Daniel.

Ever hear, or hear of this band?

I recently found a scrap of paper in a pile of things which dates back one year, when I was in Kalmar, Sweden--where all the kids look so hip.
After our show there, I was drinking with and talking to a guy (an Ian Curtis lookalike) who said the Back the Future trilogy is the best American film trilogy and that The Cure's "Pornography" (the most suicidal record ever) is his all time favorite album.

He also took the trouble to write down on said scrap of paper,
"Broder Daniel--'Forever': best Swedish CD ever".

One year later, I just looked them up on Amazon, and they do exist and customer reviews all are positive and intriguing.

So, just wondering.

PS-he also wrote that the best Swedish movie ever is "Ducking Amal" or Show Me Love. I may have that title wrong, because it is beer (or is it tear?) stained.

No, wait--I just looked it up. It's actually called "Fucking Amal" in Sweden or "Show Me Love" here in America, and is not as dirty as it may sound. In fact, Roger Ebert gives it thumbs up and says it's suitable for teenagers.

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