Thursday, May 27, 2004

broder daniel, hey!

i heard of this band thanks to the inimitible kim guise, who taught me about a number of cool bands, a few of 'em international-ish like this one. i only know the song "underground," which i think is from that movie you mentioned (i can remember kim saying that movie title way back when). it's a super-propulsive dance-perfect rock song, with BIG guitars, one of which plays a nagging unchanging two-note riff straight out of a guided by voices song. it really sounds huge, with much velocity. i think i put it on my iBook a few days ago. i don't know the rest of their stuff, though. kim, are you out there??

in five hours i head to the airport to fly down to new orleans (home of the aforementioned kim) to play the tape op conference. why am i not sleeping?? that is a very good question.

good luck finishing the album artwork and have fun shows, you guys. i'll see you in mid-august, i hope!

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