Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The British call them "badges" and I think it makes them sound a little less (what's a more PC term for "gay"?), particularly when made by a place called Busy Beaver.
Oh, but I recommend using the Busy Beaver company--they have the best pamphlet that comes with their merchandise.
Badges are back.

Perhaps they should have called themselves Busy Badger Badges.

Last night's practice, I couldn't seem to focus on one thing for longer than 5 minutes, and I felt like what it must feel like to have mild asthma-- must be overworked, plus peak pollen season. It was weird--and the humidity made my hair all spastic.
Then I got a beer and everything was better.

Then, I relaized that both times I've watched the end of a Red Sox game with Henning and Lesa, they come from behind in the late innings and win.
So, L+H, see you tonight 'round 9:45.

Oh, no--I'll be playing at Apollo Grill w/ Lo Fine.

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