Wednesday, May 26, 2004

1) oh my god, the circle thing--genius.

2) Max's multi-point plan is much less distressing than GWB's, and puts me in a much better mood.

3) Soon, CD artwork artists will be suing portable MP3 makers for turning people like me and Max into apathetic zombies towards CD artwork.

4) Soon, the new SFTD CD will make that a moot point. Case dismissed.

5) It's great to hear that Ning and the BH had a great time. And, it warms my heart that Waugh and Greenberg were seen together a mere 4 hours after I introduced them by phone. I hope their project is successful.

6) The other Capitol Cavedogs product is an EP called "Six Tender Moments" which had a (inferior) rerecording of one of their indie singles, two cover songs and two acoustic songs recorded, I think, at WMBR. I had it on a dub tape along with, I think, Fishbone's "The Reality of My Surroundings". Long gone. Long, long gone.

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