Tuesday, April 06, 2004

We had a good SFTD practice last night. We made a set list for the big Boston Pop Underground gig this Thursday. Then we just played that set. Tony pointed out that we hadn't actually had a practice since before the Fab Faux Beatles Show in February. Things sounded remarkably good, considering, and I think we are gonna have a great show.

I also gave Tony a new assignment. It's a secret.

After practice, Tony, Brian, and I listened to a couple of the new Bourgeois Heroes recordings. Those guys liked them even though the songs aren't finished yet.

Then we listened to those new Who songs that Brian mentioned earlier. Not so good, says me, especially compared to the Heroes. I thought they sounded like songs that Pete might have written for a Roger Daltry album in the late eighties. Whenever I hear new songs by aged rockers, I feel like I better hurry up and write a whole bunch more songs now before I get too much older - because apparently you can't do it well once you hit a certain age. (Yes, yes, I know, there are exceptions to the rule).

(Will someone please tell me if the period goes inside the parenthesis or outside? What's the rule? I'm forgetting everything that I learned.)

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