Friday, April 09, 2004

Was there a sandstorm last night? Or street cleaning?
What I'm getting at is, outside my window, all 3 cars in my driveway are covered with a fine brown dust. When's it gonna rain again?

Last night's Boston Pop Underground fest was a pretty good time. I always enjoy the Lizard Lounge. With the band discount, my burger and beer came to a magical $5.91
Yes, that's a magical FNO.
And it was good, as a picture may or may not show.

You know what else was good? Bishop Allen. They have their thing down and are very nice people. I predict a monsterous hit on a movie soundtrack or a FOX tv show.

My Rio supplied the soundtrack to and from and we heard many groovy things (in the car it was Tony, El Bizeez, Ning and me).

On the way home, Ning and I spoke about the state of our generation of Noho music--the class of '98 (give or take) and how we're all faring and what's next.

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