Monday, April 05, 2004

There are 2 new Who songs that just came out on yet another Best of collection.
The first new material since 1982 (though it's just Pete and Roger these days).

Now I'm not gonna buy a CD of songs I already have to hear these songs, so I broke the law and Kazaa'd them. Go ahead cuff me. But I'm alreasdy busted--why? The downloads were 5 minute loops of the first 45 seconds of each song.
So I guess I'll see if Ning has them on Rhapsody. THEN if I like 'em I'll pay 99cents to legally buy them.
Because god knows I'm not gonna hear them on the radio, probably.

Here's a long story made short: the scene--a diner in NYC. I'm with the rest of the Kayrol band and Ken's Canadian friend. The waitress is of unknown origin--maybe Greek .
I order a sandwich called "The Phillies" (they had a sports section of the menu).
The waitress repeats it back as "Feelies". (as in the band)
Later, Ken's friend asks "was your sandwich really called "Phyllis"? (as in Diller).

"A Sandwich Called Phyllis". Oh, Robyn Hitchcock--your next song title is waiting for you....

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