Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Ten Years since since Cobain killed himself. Would anyone like to recount where they were, or any unique Nirvana memories?

I'll go first.
In fall of '91 I was a freshman at UMass. In a friend's room, as well as on WAMH+WMUA I heard much of "Nevermind". Yeah, I dug it. I thought Teen Spirit was something new and exciting, but it didn't shake my musical foundation.
Within 2 months it seemed Cobain+co were on the cover of every magazine. I reacted negatively because 1) suddenly he had red hair and I didn't like it 2) "Come As You Are" was a stupid song and it too was everywhere 3) suddenly my plaid flannel shirts were a fashion statement and 4) I hate everything that's shoved down my throat.
Thus, that New Year's Eve I had the paranoid vision that at the stroke of midnight, the world was going to be taken over by Nirvana and Ted Turner. Being in a crowd at some pier in Boston while fireworks exploded just about did in my colorfully amped young psyche.

Gradually I came around. I enjoyed reading about Nirvana more than listening to them. But "In Utero" did something to me--the loud sparseness of it-- and I was convinced to get a ticket to go see them at the Springfield Civic Center. My friend Chris convinced me by saying" wouldn't you love to say you saw Nirvana--who knows how much longer Cobain will be around?". What a seer! What a sage, a soothsayer! Thank you Chris.

The show was excellent. The Breeders opened and they weren't arena ready. But Nirvana were like Kiss or something. Four piece earth shattering noise. (they had Pat Smear on board).

Six months later, I'm driving down route 2 with my ex--it's a Friday and we're going to my parents house in North Andover. WBCN was still good--and the DJ (Bradley J? Ken Shelton?) said "someone has been found dead in Kurt Cobain's house".
In another hour that "someone" was Cobain.
When we got to my parents house I found a blank video tape, turned on MTV and just taped like 4 hours worth of news, retrospectives, videos, interviews etc. Loder in full effect. I don't remember my ex being affected in any way--she wasn't a fan.
But I definitely was affected--I in fact had subsequent dreams with Cobain in them--I have them in a diary. Like I'm talking to him at his funeral, hanging out.
I was not living in the dorms anymore by this point, and am glad. Junk was prevolent, and there was a whole fatalistic grunge/junk zeitgeist that I wasn't in to. That much.
Thank god the Apples in Stereo came along.
The End.

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