Monday, April 05, 2004

On Saturday, Bourgeois Heroes came up to Rub Wrongways to work some more on their new EP. We got a lot done. Acoustic guitars, 12-string electric, floor tom, vocal, and electric piano. The songs are coming out great. I can't wait until the EP is done so you can all hear it.

The New You Update: Hopefully, Tony has the mastered New You disc. If he does, then hopefully, he will have copies for all of us on Tuesday for practice. If he doesn't, it means Ken still has it and it is god-knows-where on tour with Pedro The Lion. In which case, I'll need to try and get another copy from Dan asap.

Brian: Lesa and I stuck around for a good chunk of the Dears' set at the Iron Horse there. Unfortunately, it was SO SO LOUD (especially since there were a lot less people during their set) that we couldn't take too much of it. It was really too bad because a lot of the songs would start off with this really nice smooth ambient sort of feeling and it would be just beautiful, but then it would kick in and my brain would shut down because of the volume.

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