Thursday, April 15, 2004

My old friend Katie was in town last night. It turns out that the touring keyboardist in Air is a good friend of hers and she had some passes to the show at Pearl Street. So, she invited Lesa and me along.

I didn't know much about Air, just the song that they play on WRSI sometimes and I had read a thing or two. They were good. Very psychedelic. At times, I felt like I was at a Pink Floyd concert. There was one point where I was reminded of Peter Cook in the original Bedazzled. "You fill me with inertia." One of the Air guys, who looks like Robyn Hitchcock, was singing this song and standing completely still. The cool light show was flashing all over the place and the audience was motionless and staring. I turned to Lesa and said, "That french man is hypnotizing the youth of America."

It was my first upstairs at Pearl Street show in a long time. It is still way too bassy up there but it wasn't too loud which was a relief. There was a good crowd and we wondered where they all came from. I heard a few of them talking about having to catch the bus, so I guess there were some Amherst area students or something. Anyway, it was nice to see that many people out for a cool show.

The Mosquitoes were good, too. Nice hypnotic stuff mixed in with super poppy songs. The drums were way too loud and that was kind of disturbing, it was like if the Cardigans played a show with Alex Van Halen on drums - but better.

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