Friday, April 02, 2004

the mastered version of "the new you" sounds really really good! the instruments all have character -- the bass has body, the drums sound full, the acoustic guitars shimmer and tickle, it's all great -- and it flows really well. excellent recording work by henning!

my only complaint: "pick a gripe" sounds out of place to me. not order-wise, because i think it works in that slot on the album, but sound quality-wise. it doesn't shine like the other songs sounds dulled somehow. is that a mix issue? at first i thought it was because it didn't have as much high-end stuff on it as other songs, but no -- for example, brian's cymbals aren't as bright-sounding, i don't think. where's the sparkle??

does anyone agree that "gripe" sounds a little one-dimensional compared to the other recordings? it's weird because there's so much happening in that song, as far as the arrangement goes, yet it's the only one that didn't make me "ooh" and "aah" and "ohh" and "poppin' fresh dough" as i was listening. it lacked. it even seems a little quieter than the other songs. (and i wish the piano in the left speaker was a little more prominent, or richer sounding...i thought henning and i had addressed that, but, especially in my car, it seemed sort of ehh.)

if, after hearing the record for yourselves, you guys agree that "gripe" is the only weak link, is there any way we can fix it? re-mix it? it really seems like the dull moment on the record, which it totally should not be.

any plans on when there might be an sftd record release show? i hope i'm around for whenever it is. (mid-may or late-july??)

thanks to mary jo and everyone for their birthday wishes, too!

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