Friday, April 16, 2004

I'll be missing that big show at John M Greene because I'm going down to NYC to see the Pelicans play their Queer Eye show and, hopefully, to spend the night in Ari's newly refurbished pad.

As soon as we find out the air date of that show, I will definately put it aside and we're gonna have a TV party that night, all right.

I couldn't find a van for rental for tomorrow's P-Town adventure, but I did reserve a full-sized rental car - possibly a station wagon. I think with that and if we put some amps in Max's car, we will be ok.

For those of you not in a band, here is what we need to bring. (The Squealing Pig has a partial P.A.)

2 Electric Guitars (3 if there is room): Fender Telecaster, Fender Cyclone (Danalectro)
1 Electric Bass: Max's fancy mystery bass
1 Drum Set: Kick Drum w. Pedal, Floor Tom, Rack Tom, Snare Drum and stand, 4 cymbals with stands, stick bag. I forget what kind.
2 Guitar Amps: Fender Princeton Reverb, Yamaha something or other.
1 Bass Amp: I forget what kind
1 Effects Pedal Board: Boss Tuner, Danolectro Tremolo, Cool Overdrive, Rat, Holy Grail Reverb.
1 Vocal Monitor Speaker
2 More tuners
3 Mic stands
3 Mics
3 Mic Cables
2 Amp Stands
2 Guitar Stands
Many instrument and speaker cables
One plastic tub of T-Shirts and CDs
5 Musicians
1 Camera with 2 battery packs
Cds or Rio for road trip

I think that is it. No Ken on this trip so we can leave out the Keyboard, Stand, and Amp.

I'll definately be at the Spanish for Hitchhiking show tonight. See you there.

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