Friday, April 09, 2004

I get the impression the band thinks I'm above them for always riding separately to gigs with my wife. And they are right.

So A and I hopped in the car after a long day at work, which followed a long week at work, which preceded a late night, the drive home, another long day at work and another long drive to a gig in a faraway city (tonight in NYC with SFH). So Tony wasn't the only one crying this morning. We also hit the limo-inspired traffic jam just outside the city limits last night. My Boston-expatriate wife kicked herself for not taking 95. I was sleepy and played with the radio. We found a Cure song on WFNX and thought for a moment that the station was good again. But, of course, it isn't. After twenty minutes of driving up and down Mass Ave, we pulled in behind the Lizard Lounge and found easy parking.

Upstairs we joined friends for dinner and I took frequent trips downstairs to see if anyone had shown up. Then, suddenly, the rest of the band + Lisa were there. Lisa gave me a new Fawns' button, which rocks. After a little milling around and hoping more people would show up, more people showed up. Then we were on, looking at ourselves in the mirror that faces the Lizard Lounge stage. It all sounded good to my ears, except the first song which was plagued by feedback. And we looked pretty good in the mirror. Journal Of Lies finally sounded like a real song last night, rather than a string of funny notes pretending to be a song. It's still not high on my list of Henning songs, but I'm warming to it. Omnivore was fun, as always. I enjoyed watching Brian do his thing, a studied, thoughtful Keith Moon with better hair.

Then it was quick goodbyes, a scan of the green room to make sure I had everything, and away we flew down 90 (you're right, Henning, it's like flying at that time of night). Home at 12:30, up at 6:30, off to NYC at 5:30... What am I, in a rock band or something?

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