Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Anyone else think the lighting in the black and white photo of me and Ning makes me look like current-day steroid victim Jerry Lewis--or Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy?

Ning is sick, folks, though how, or with what, I don't know. I'm sure he'll soon give a long detailed story of what shows he watched or how many bowls of soup Lesa brought him.

I just gave one of those group Mass Live email interviews, like Spanish For Hitch-your-skirt-up gave, hyping the Lo Fine show at John M. Greene. It'll probably be up in a couple days. In it I tell of my days of loving Sonic Youth, Dino Jr. and Sebadoh (90-93 we'll say). We all go through phases and return. All three represent mind-bending high school and college days.

Ok then:

512) Soul and Fire-Sebadoh
513) Whatever's Cool with Me-Dinosaur Jr.

And finally, my hi hats sold. Blood, crack and all. (my next solo album).

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